Random Grotesque Typeface

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"Random Grotesque" is a multifunctional grotesque sans-serif typeface. It was originally designed to capture the feel of Helvetica but still maintain its unique personality. The most distinguishable feature is the inktrap. "Random Grotesque" is great for posters, logos, headings, titles, subtitles, or text blocks of different sizes.

The whole family consists of 36 styles, with 3 widths: Slim, Standard, and Spacious; 6 weights ranging from Light to Black; Upright and Italic. 12 fonts will be free for personal and commercial uses. Each font contains 749 glyphs and supports over 102 languages.

Update 2.0.1 (29/04/2023)

  • Added "Random Grotesque Full - Reformatted" for RG Full Package
    • Reformatted so all styles of a Subfamily are merged
      • Only available for the Full package since some .otf and .woff files don't display correctly
    • Added " ₸ "

Update 2.0 (17/04/2023)

  • Updated Random Grotesque
    • Added more Cyrillic letters (specifically Kazakh)
    • Enhanced letterforms
    • Replaced "Book" with "Regular" (slightly thicker)
    • Minor changes
    • Remade graphics

Update 1.0.2 (27/03/2023)

  • Updated Random Grotesque
    • Fixed overlaps in .otf (hopefully)
    • Changed .zip content
  • Remade graphics

Update 1.0.1 (30/01/2023)

  • Updated Random Grotesque
    • Now includes webfonts (.woff, .woff2)
    • Changed .zip content
  • Remade graphics

Release 1.0 (26/08/2022)

  • Released Random Grotesque
    • Containing 737 glyphs, including Latin, Vietnamese, and Cyrillic letters
    • 6 weights (Light, Book, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, Black), 3 widths (Slim, Standard, Spacious), and Italics

**Send me an email at rmforbusiness@gmail.com if you want to purchase any specific number of fonts.**

If you want to donate, please send it to my Paypal account through the following link: https://paypal.me/randommaerks .

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On the 4th of May 2023, my account was suspended because of a mistake on Gumroad's part. This will not affect any future purchases, but I'd like to talk about it for informational purposes.

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Refund policy

- For the most part, you will not be refunded. All purchases are final.
- If the package is broken, please email me at rmforbusiness@gmail.com.
- If the software causes any damages, I, or any other contributors of this project, are not liable for any compensation. This is clearly stated in the RandomMaerks' End-User License Agreement.
- If Gumroad or their banking partners detect a fraudulent purchase, they should automatically refund the money.

If for whatever reason you're still wanting a refund, here are some details you need to know:
- All copies of the refunded software MUST BE REMOVED from all devices or clouds.
- You will only be refunded if the purchase was made 7 days or less earlier.

If you are caught attempting scam, fraud, or false chargebacks, you will have your access revoked, and be immediately banned from purchasing any other products.

Last updated Oct 4, 2023

P1A (12 free)
P2A/2B (24 paid)
$60.00, $2.50 each
P3A/3B (12 full slim)
$30.00, $3.00 each paid font
P4A/4B (12 full spacious)
$30.00, $3.00 each paid font
Full (36 desktop + 36 webfont)
$110.00, $2.30 each paid font
Font file format
.ttf , .otf , .woff , .woff2


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Random Grotesque Typeface

26 ratings
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